Norbert Series


Norbert, the fat old horse who lives in Farmer Finbar's field has a serious problem - His teeth are green! Unless this is quickly rectified, Delilah, the pretty pony who lives in the next paddock will surely never speak to him. But how can a horse clean its own teeth? With the help of Colin, the grumpy cuckoo who resides high up in the foliage of the sycamore tree, Norbert concocts a cunning plan. But will he succeed in winning Delilah's heart? Or will it end in utter disaster?


The FIRST book in the Norbert the Horse series!

  It is the middle of July and the summer sun is beating gloriously down on the English countryside. But in Finbar’s Field, things are far from rosy. Norbert, the fat old cart horse is more depressed than ever because Colin the Cuckoo, his only friend in the world, is preparing to fly off for the holiday of a lifetime on the French Riviera, leaving him behind!


   The badgers who reside underneath the hedge are no company due to their nocturnal habits, and Delilah, the pretty pony who lives in the next field is continuing to ignore him.

  But when Colin’s holiday plans go horribly wrong, only Norbert can save the day!

   Will he manage to transform their field into a passable imitation of the French Riviera without incurring the wrath of Farmer Finbar? And will he win Delilah’s affections in the process?


The SECOND book in the Norbert the Horse series!



Christmas with Norbert


Norbert to the Rescue!

  Norbert leads a happy life in Farmer Finbar’s field, spending his days munching away on the long green grass and chatting with his friends Colin the Cuckoo and Delilah, the pretty pony who lives in the next field. Alas, peace and tranquillity never last for long when Norbert is about!

  One morning, on a routine flight over Finbar’s farmhouse, Colin spots a birdcage in the kitchen window containing a small, green budgerigar named George. Convinced that Norbert’s owner is holding the poor little bird prisoner, he rushes back to tell Norbert of his terrible discovery; little does he know that that Finbar is merely looking after the budgie overnight as a favour to his neighbour, Mrs Muckleton, and that George is perfectly happy in his cage with his swing, his millet and his mirror.

  Urged on by Norbert and Delilah, the cowardly cuckoo embarks on a daring mission to free the bird, one which will lead him deep into the heart of darkness that is Finbar’s farmhouse. When it all goes horribly wrong, only Norbert, the daftest horse in the whole world, can come to the rescue!  


The FOURTH book in the Norbert the Horse series!

Norbert's Summer Holiday


Norbert's Spooky Night

It is Halloween and Norbert the horse is scared. Convinced that, come nightfall, his field will be crawling with ghosts, witches and vampires, he sets out with his friends Colin the cuckoo and Delilah, the pretty pony from the next field, in search of somewhere safe to spend the night. Little do they know that they are embarking on a hair-raising adventure which will take them to the most terrifying place of all; Farmer Finbar’s house!


The FIFTH book in the Norbert the Horse series!

Norbert is back with festive fun and frolics!


Norbert the horse has never received a Christmas present and wants to know why. When his best friend, Colin the Cuckoo, tells him he must somehow get a message to Father Christmas, a wild and crazy adventure is sure to follow…


Will Colin succeed in his daring mission to Farmer Finbar’s house?

Will Norbert ever get his Christmas present?

And what will Santa and Rudolph make of Norbert and the gang?


The THIRD book in the Norbert the Horse series!