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11th November 2021 - Hardback books available NOW!


Hi there everyone!


Just a quick update to let you all know that, for the first time ever, most (though not all!) of my books are now available to buy in hardback editions - the perfect Christmas gift!

Please click on the links below to check them out!


Thanks again for reading, and wishing you a very Merry Christmas to one and all!


Thursday 4th March

World Book Day!

Download 'Ticklesome Tales' FREE on Amazon sites worldwide!

Hello there, readers!


Well, the wonderful World Book Day is here once again...

To celebrate this year, 'Ticklesome Tales' will be free to download on not just one, but FIVE days, starting from Thursday 4th March!

It's a collection of THREE comic adventures and includes the worldwide hit, 'Norbert', the spectacularly silly 'Roger the Frog', plus the ever-popular 'Ernie!

UK readers, please click on the link below to download your FREE book…



If you are in the US, please click here…



Readers in other territories - please visit your local Amazon store and search for 'Ticklesome Tales' to get your free download.

P.s. – I hope you enjoy it – if so, please remember to leave a review or rating on Amazon. It makes a huge difference and helps other readers discover books by indie authors such as yours truly.


Cheers, and thanks as always for reading!



4th December 2020 - 'Norbert - the Novel!' - OUT NOW!


Hello there everybody! Hope you are all well and looking forward to a Happy Christmas after what has been a difficult year...  

I'm pleased to announce that  I've been a busy bean during lockdown with the result that the latest episode in the Norbert series is finally complete and is available to buy in Paperback and Kindle versions in Amazon stores worldwide. As per the title, at a stonking 280 pages, it is most certainly a novel and is by far Norbert's most epic adventure to date!

Hope you enjoy it and think it was worth the wait - please remember to leave a review on Amazon  if you did!

Thanks for dropping by, and a Merry Christmas to all!


p.s. - don't forget to subscribe to my mailing list - I promise I won't bombard you with messages, but I might send you info about freebies and special offers every once in a while!

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