Norbert the horse has a problem - his teeth are GREEN!
Worried that this will ruin his chances with Delilah, the pretty pony who lives in the next field, Norbert turns to his only friend Colin the cuckoo for help.
Will Colin succeed in his desperate mission to pinch a toothbrush from Norbert’s owner, Farmer Finbar?

What will happen if the grumpy old farmer catches him?
And will Norbert ever win the heart of his beloved Delilah?

A cute, comic adventure for young readers!

Norbert's Summer Holiday

Stuck in his field in the English countryside, it seems like Norbert and his friends have no hope of getting to the beach for their summer holidays. Unless, of course, they can make their own beach, right there in the field!
But what will Norbert’s grumpy owner, Farmer Finbar, do when he finds out?

A sunny comic caper for young readers - The 2nd book in the ‘Norbert the Horse’ series!

Christmas with Norbert

Norbert is back with festive fun and frolics!

Norbert the horse has never received a Christmas present and wants to know why. When his best friend, Colin the Cuckoo, tells him he must somehow get a message to Father Christmas, a wild and crazy adventure is sure to follow…

Will Colin succeed in his daring mission to Farmer Finbar’s house?
Will Norbert ever get his Christmas present?
And what will Santa and Rudolph make of Norbert and the gang?

The THIRD book in the "Norbert the Horse" series!

Norbert to the Rescue!

Norbert the horse is back with a brand new adventure!

When Norbert learns that his only friend, Colin the cuckoo, is trapped in the darkest depths of Farmer Finbar’s, house, he knows that only he can save the day!

Aided by Delilah the pony, not to mention an extremely annoying budgerigar named George, the dopey old horse sets out on a desperate rescue mission…

Will they find Colin before Farmer Finbar does?

The FOURTH book in the ‘Norbert the Horse’ series!

Norbert's Spooky Night

Norbert the horse is back with a special spooky adventure for Halloween!

Stuck in his field and all on his own, dopey Norbert is well and truly spooked at the prospect of spending Halloween night out in the open. Convinced that, come nightfall, the place will be crawling with ghosts, ghouls, witches and vampires, he sets out with his friends Colin the cuckoo and Delilah, the pretty pony from the next field, in search of somewhere safe to spend the night.
Little do they know that they are embarking on a hair-raising adventure which will lead them to the most terrifying place of all; Farmer Finbar’s house!

The FIFTH book in the Norbert the Horse series!

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