“But Dad,” Martha protested, tears welling in her eyes “Ernie didn’t mean to poop in your slipper!”

Banned from the Miller household following an unfortunate incident with Dad’s slipper, Ernie the dog is, quite literally, in the dog house. Things only get worse when his owner, a little girl named Martha, accidentally throws his favourite toy bone into next door’s garden.
With the help of Montgomery, a small, somewhat mangy mouse who lives under an old wheelbarrow, Ernie sets out on a desperate mission to rescue his bone. Little does he know that the garden next door is patrolled by a fierce and bad-tempered bulldog named Max who, having discovered the toy bone, has already decided it belongs to him, and who will not take kindly to anyone he catches trying to steal it…

Will Ernie and Montgomery survive their daring mission?
Will Dad ever find it in his heart to forgive Ernie for ‘The Tartan Slipper Scandal’?
And will Ernie ever manage to recover his most precious possession in the whole wide world – his beloved yellow rubber bone?


Frogarty the Witch

Join Frogarty the Witch and her scrawny cat, Scratch, as they take the word 'wicked' to a whole new level in this magical collection of FOUR funny short stories for kids!



1. Rhubarb or Bust
2. Frogarty's Beastly Birthday
3. Frogarty's Horrible Hobby
4. Frogarty's Frightful Halloween

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