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“But Dad,” Martha protested, tears welling in her eyes “Ernie didn’t mean to poop in your slipper!”

Banned from the Miller household following an unfortunate incident with Dad’s slipper, Ernie the dog is, quite literally, in the dog house. Things only get worse when his owner, a little girl named Martha, accidentally throws his favourite toy bone into next door’s garden.
With the help of Montgomery, a small, somewhat mangy mouse who lives under an old wheelbarrow, Ernie sets out on a desperate mission to rescue his bone. Little does he know that the garden next door is patrolled by a fierce and bad-tempered bulldog named Max who, having discovered the toy bone, has already decided it belongs to him, and who will not take kindly to anyone he catches trying to steal it…

Will Ernie and Montgomery survive their daring mission?
Will Dad ever find it in his heart to forgive Ernie for ‘The Tartan Slipper Scandal’?
And will Ernie ever manage to recover his most precious possession in the whole wide world – his beloved yellow rubber bone?



Join Frogarty the Witch and her scrawny cat, Scratch, as they take the word 'wicked' to a whole new level in this magical collection of FOUR funny short stories for kids!



1. Rhubarb or Bust
2. Frogarty's Beastly Birthday
3. Frogarty's Horrible Hobby
4. Frogarty's Frightful Halloween


Jimmy Black

and the

Curse of Poseidon

When Jimmy Black learns that he is to spend a fortnight in a remote, creepy old farmhouse in the wilds of Scotland with his Grandad Jock, he is far from happy. Grandad Jock is a sinister, mysterious figure whom he has heard about, but has never even met. How could his mean parents do this to him?
Little does Jimmy know that he will soon be catapulted into a hair-raising adventure that will take him deep beneath the ocean floor to the lost city of Atlantis, where he will face a whole host of terrors including Medusa, Cerberus the three-headed dog, and the God of the Seas himself, Poseidon!

Can Jimmy save himself and the entire human race from destruction?

A crazy comic caper for kids!



Roger the Frog is sick and tired of his life in the pond. Unloved by his parents, Freda and Frank, and bored to death of eating nothing but flies day after day, he decides that he will venture forth to seek his fortune in the Big Wide World.

Bidding his family farewell, he embarks on a daring voyage of discovery, meeting a series of weird and wonderful creatures along the way, all of whom test his bravery (and his patience!) to its very limit…

Will Roger find the magnificent new life he has always dreamed of? Or will he discover the hard way that sometimes there is no place like home?

The FIRST book in "The Roger the Frog Trilogy" for readers aged 5+

ALSO AVAILABLE - "The Further Adventures of Roger the Frog"!


Princess Petrina

and the

Witch's Curse

Join Princess Petrina, Norbert the horse and Frogarty the witch in a brand new comic adventure, packed with crazy twists and turns!

On the morning of her Coming of Age Ceremony, Princess Petrina awakens in high spirits; it will, she believes, be a day of great celebration for the people of Dragon’s Claw Castle. It is only when she catches a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror that things take a sinister turn; she has, for reasons unknown, sprouted a hideous, black, bushy moustache on her upper lip during the course of the night!
When all attempts to remove it fail, it quickly becomes apparent that this is no ordinary moustache, but a thing of evil, possessed of dark, magical powers, with a will of its own. But why had it chosen her? Why had she, of all people, been singled out by this furry abomination?
Convinced that a certain witch by the name of Frogarty holds the key to the mystery, the princess sets out on a desperate mission to find her. It is, however, a race against time; unless she can track her down and get the curse lifted before the next full moon, Petrina will be stuck with her big, bushy moustache for all eternity!

A ‘hairy’, scary fairy tale for kids aged 8 and up!

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